Intra‑company Transferees

employees of international companies can use ICT to temporarily transfer qualified employees to Canada

Transferred employee can use this opportunity to immigrate to Canada

Requirements for Company

The company must demonstrate the necessity to transfer employees
The company must demonstrate the ability to support transfer

 Prepare residence for transferred employees

  • In some cases, it is allowed to temporarily replace the official residence with the address of a Canadian law firm
  • Please consult an immigration consultant for details

What We Can Offer You

Assist with providing documents to prove the necessity of transfer

 Coordinate transfered employee’s residence

Follow-up immigration planning

Common Asked Questions

Yes, they can.
The Canadian Immigration Service allows employees and their family members transferred to Canada to jointly apply for visas. After going to Canada, all family members can enjoy the corresponding medical insurance policies.

At the same time, family members can also obtain an open-work permit when they travel to Canada, that is, they can work under any employer. Children can also enjoy free local public education.


The ICT application does not require any language transcripts. All that is required is that the company meets the qualifications and the internal transfer of employees meets the requirements of IRCC.


Transferred employees can apply for immigration after they meet the requirements of IRCC.

If you have immigration intentions, you can consult our IRCC for details.


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