Spouse/Common-law Open Work Permit

Eligible applicants can apply Open work permit for spouse in the name of their spouse.









Meet Any of the Following Requirements

 Spouse/partner is a full-time Canadian student

 Spouse/partner holds working permit status

  • It is recommended to have worked for 3 months
  • Occupation type is NOC 0, A or B

 Applicant is waiting for approval of spouse reunion immigration application

 When applying for a work permit, two persons can submit the application at the same time

What We Can Offer You

Sort out materials
Polish exploitation letter
Help to prove common-law/spouse relationship
Follow-up immigration process planning
Solve difficult application problems

Common Asked Questions

According to Canadian law, a legal partner has the same obligations and rights as a spouse in a marriage relationship.

Applicants need to provide the following proofs:

  • Both parties are living together continuously
  • During the first 12 months of common law partnership, there should be no separation, except for short-term temporary business trips or family reunions, etc.
  • A common law partnership can be of any sex, but can only maintain such a relationship with one person at the same time.



The spouse work permit is only a proof that you can legally work in Canada, and there is no mandatory work requirement.

Applicants only need to be over 18 years old. Applicants can submit their applications inside or outside Canada.


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